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Welcome to Alberta Sheep Breeders' Association

About Us

About Us

The Alberta Sheep Breeders' Association (ASBA) is a nationally recognized organization that is dedicated to honourably representing the interests of the purebred sheep industry in Alberta.

The ASBA is Canada's oldest purebred organization, providing support and guidance to the sheep industry since the early 1900's. Industry representation  at the  national level is provided though membership with the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association.  

Our Mission

 The mission of the ASBA is to encourage overall and consistent improvement in the breeding and management of purebred sheep in Alberta. 

To accomplish its goals, several events are held to promote and showcase the Alberta purebred sheep industry.  Keep up to date on our events pages.


For a listing of a members with registered stock, please check out the ASBA Breeder Listings under MEMBERSHIP .

For more information regarding membership, please contact us or visit the ASBA Member page.

Upcoming Events


2019 ASBA Symposium

Join us for the 50th Anniversary! Great line up of speakers, GenOvis workshop, trade fair and Lamb Banquet are in the works! Look forward to seeing you there.

Red Deer Holiday Inn South  October 17-19, 2019

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All Canada Sheep Classic

2019 All Canada Classic July 18-21. 2019 in Humboldt, SK

Congratulations to Dr Kathy Parker

The Alberta Sheep Breeders' Association would like to extend a sincere congratulations to Dr Kathy Parker for her 2018 Merck Veterinary Award. 




July 6, 2018


Alberta Veterinarian Honoured for Dedicating Entire Career to Canadian Livestock Industry

Vancouver, B.C. – Dr. Kathleen Parker was awarded the 2018 Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) Merck Veterinary Award for dedicating her entire career to contributing to the Canadian livestock industry, including poultry, swine, beef, and more recently, small ruminants.

After graduating from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) in 1981, Dr. Parker established a mixed animal practice in central Alberta. The large animal ambulatory service has evolved into a comprehensive mixed animal practice today at a clinic in Three Hills, Alta. where she also runs a purebred Suffolk Sheep Farm with her husband.

Her dedication and passion for the improvement of animal health has been demonstrated through her lifetime commitment to her own practice, as well the various positions she has held within small ruminant organizations and her involvement with industry events. 

Dr. Parker remains a valued keynote speaker at symposiums, workshops, and conferences across Canada. She strives to encompass the overall scope of the animal health industry by empowering producers, students, and clients to learn and understand the purpose and benefit of livestock welfare. She is a veterinarian that teaches those around her because it is her belief that knowledge is power.

“She has devoted countless hours to producer meetings, continuing education events for producers and veterinarians alike, and has sat on numerous boards and advisory committees,” says Dr. Leisa Floreani, veterinarian at the Fairview Veterinary Clinic Ltd. “Furthermore, she has also mentored dozens of veterinary students from both the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and the faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary. The value of her tireless efforts towards developing young veterinarians cannot be overstated.”

One of her biggest contributions to the health of small ruminants in western Canada was securing the funding and authors to develop the various modules that make up the Flock Health Manuals available through the Alberta Lamb Producers website ( 

The Merck Veterinary Award, sponsored by Merck Animal Health, is presented to a veterinarian whose work in large animal practice, clinical research, or basic sciences is judged to have contributed significantly to the advancement of large animal medicine and surgery, including herd health management.


Welcome to Alberta Sheep Breeders' Assoc.