The Corriedale was developed in New Zealand as breeders attempted to improve the meat characteristics of the Merino by crossing with longwool breeds such as the Lincoln. The Corriedale was imported into Canada from New Zealand and for many years was a popular dual purpose breed. Its popularity has declined with the decline of the wool industry. (Courtesy CSBA)

Corriedale Breeder Listings


Jodi Gingras

Box 2

Langdon, AB CANADA T0J 1X0

Tel: 403-617-3922


Eilleen Wosnock (FE)

The Fat Ewe Farm

Box 122

Elk Point, AB CANADA T0A 1A0

Tel: 780-614-4733

Fax: 780-614-4733


Ian & JoAnn Zoerb (ZRB)

Box 344

Brooks, AB CANADA T1R 1B4

Tel: 403-793-0618