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Message from the President of ASBA

 Dear Alberta Purebred Sheep Producer,

On behalf of the Alberta Sheep Breeders Association (ASBA) welcome to our organization. Established in 1905, the ASBA is the oldest purebred livestock association in Canada. According to our by-laws the mission of ASBA shall be:

To encourage an overall and consistent improvement in the breeding and management of purebred sheep in Alberta, either solely or in collaboration with other similarly interested parties.

To hold shows and sales of sheep and wool, either solely or as a collaborator with other interested parties.

 To represent the interests of the Alberta purebred sheep industry honorably.

The ASBA is a volunteer organization that is funded by monies received through registrations and transfers by producers who are members of CSBA. Membership in ASBA is not limited to members of CSBA and we welcome Associate and Out of Province members.

Some benefits of ASBA membership include:

  • Advertising opportunities on the ASBA website ( which receives an average of 1000 hits per month.
  • The opportunity to shape your industry by providing input to the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association. The CSBA has input to national level producer organizations such as the Canadian Sheep Federation (CSF), CFIA, and the Canadian Livestock Genetics Association (CLGA).
  • The opportunity to have a presence at the Calgary Stampede sheep showcase to promote your seed stock industry.

We welcome your input and participation in an organization that has stood the test of time and continues to thrive despite the new challenges that each year brings.

Looking forward to having you join us!

Bernadette Nikkel

President, Alberta Sheep Breeders Association

Membership 2019

Welcome to the new ASBA!

Welcome to the new ASBA.  These changes will facilitate supporting the registered sheep breeders of Alberta and provide added value to your Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association (CSBA) membership. 

Current Alberta members of CSBA are now considered annual ASBA members.  Being a CSBA member will not cost you to have your listing on the website. This will be information already on the CLRC site and will include name, address, phone number and email address (if available).  Should you not not want your breeder listing on the website, simply drop us a line!

Please note that for breed designation, a minimum number of animals are required. 

Should you want to promote your listing with a live link to your website, Facebook page or blog as well as 2 classified opportunities annually, this is available for $50 + GST.   Take me to the Promotional Package!

We encourage you to be involved in the future of the Alberta Sheep Breeders' Association and express your comments and opinions.

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Associate / Out of Province Member

C$ 52.50
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Associate Membership $52.50 includes GST - Industry Stakeholder without voting privileges. Not a current member of CSBA.


Out of Province $52.50 includes GST- Non resident of Alberta, over 21 years of age. A current member of CSBA. Please fill out the form with your information.

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ASBA Promotional Package

C$ 52.50
Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Your basic listing is free! Want to drive more business your way? Take advantage of this offer to link your website, blog or Facebook page on your membership listing. You will also get 2 classified ad opportunities annually. (Limited to 500 characters and one photo).  Additional classifieds are available for $25 plus GST

Please remember to send in your information for the live link!

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