The Cotswold is one of the oldest longwool breeds of England. Imported to North America during the 19th century, they were used widely in the US and Canada. After 1920 their numbers declined drastically as markets favored the Merino for wool and the Dorset and Suffolk for meat. The Cotswold is a large docile ewe that is an easy keeper, good mother and best suited to pasture management. The lambs are slow to finish and the ewes are often crossed with Dorset or Suffolk rams to produce a vigorous fast growing meat lamb. (Courtesy CSBA)

Cotswold Breeder Listings


Gina Martens

PO Box 1593

La Crete, AB CANADA T0H 2H0

Tel: 780-821-0813

Tel: 780-927-3870


Eilleen Wosnock (FE)

The Fat Ewe Farm

Box 122

Elk Point, AB CANADA T0A 1A0

Tel: 780-614-4733

Fax: 780-614-4733