Clun Forest Sheep are a local breed from the upland hill country between England and Wales, the same area that produced the Shropshire and the Kerry Hill breeds. The first flock was imported into Canada by Tony Turner of Nova Scotia in 1970.
Clun Forest are a dam-line breed. The ewes usually produce twins, are good mothers and good milkers. They are most often used in crossbreeding programs with Suffolk and Hampshire rams although the purebred lambs do produce a respectable carcass. They are easy keepers, hardy and able to fend for themselves in harsh conditions and will still produce good lambs. For this reason the breed has spread quietly into many pasture based managements systems across Canada and the US where they thrive in the desert conditions of Utah, the humidity of British Columbia and the cold of Minnesota. Clun Forest rams can be used to downsize lambs of other breeds to reduce lambing problems in first year ewes. 

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