The Ile De France ram is widely used throughout the world as a terminal sire. Being active and hardy sheep with high prolifacy, they sire strong easy lambed lambs. The rams are also fertile all year round thus suiting a wide variety of breeding systems.
The ewe is noted as being an excellent milk producer, easy lambed, with strong mothering capabilities and breeds naturally out of season. They are prolific with average lambing percentages  of 175%.
The hardiness of the newly born lamb is outstanding and they are extremely active and on their feet suckling within minutes. Although smaller at birth than some other breeds, the lambs certainly improve at a tremendous rate and tests have shown that the Ile De France breed consistently produces lambs which have amongst the best food conversions and daily live weight gains. 

Ile De France Breeder Listings


C&M&R&J Anderson

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Debra & Ian Clark (LPSU, MRFA, MRLP)

Box 491

Bentley, AB CANADA T0C 0J0

Tel: 403-748-2624

Fax: 403-748-2624