The Charollais was developed in the same region of France as the Charolais cattle. In the early 1800’s, local Landrace breeds were crossed with Leicester longwool to create a sheep with better meat characteristics. Beginning in 1977, the Charollais were further improved in the U.K. and exported to Canada in 1994, as embryo transplants.The primary purpose of the breed in Canada is to produce terminal sires for crossbreeding. The lambs produce an excellent carcass, with a very wide, long, loin and very good muscling. They work well in pasture based or confinement systems, lamb easily and show above average prolificacy. The fleece quality of the purebred is low, but the fleece of crossbred Charollais lambs is improved by the fleece quality of the mothers. 

 Photo courtesy of Medicine River Ovine