The Suffolk was developed in the early 1800’s in the southeastern area of England by crossing Southdown and Norfolk Horned sheep.  It came to Canada in 1888 and interest in the breed rose rapidly after 1920. It is now the dominant breed in Canada.
Because Suffolk lambs are usually twins, exceed all others in rate of gain, respond well to confinement and command higher prices, they offer the best economic returns in the industry and continue to dominate the heavy lamb market in Canada.  The rams are widely used as terminal sires on rangelands because of their ability to pass on valuable traits in meat production, i.e., rate of gain, carcass quality and high red meat content.  However, the Suffolk is a heavy feeder and those breeders enjoying success with them have kept them at a moderate size, resisting recent trends by some breeders to make them bigger.  The moderate sized Suffolk is an efficient converter of feed, somewhat shorter-lived than white-faced breeds and performs best on small farms and acreages under controlled management. 

Suffolk Breeder Listings


Dennis Anderson (DGA)

RR 4 Site 11 Box 14


Tel: 403-556-8568


Chris Arndt


Barrhead, AB CANADA T7N 1N2

Tel: 780-284-2342


Zane Ashbacher (ZDA)

Box 99

Halkirk, AB CANADA T0C 1M0

Tel: 403-884-2181

Fax: 403-884-2381


Kelly Bell (KDA)

Box 99

Halkirk, AB CANADA T0C 1M0

Tel: 403-884-2181


Birch Hills Colony (BHC)

Box 235

Wanham, AB CANADA T0H 3P0

Tel: 780-694-3017

Fax: 780-694-2593


Bonnie View Farm (Klaas Wiersma) (BVF)

Box 276

Nobleford, AB CANADA T0L 1S0

Tel: 403-824-3359

Fax: 403-824-3359


Frank C Dallaire (MDW)

38037 Range Rd 13

Red Deer County, AB CANADA T4E 0J7

Tel: 403-887-5761

Fax: 403-887-7398

 Louis Greidanus (HBG)

Box 249

Granum, AB CANADA T0L 1A0

Tel: 403-894-2593

Tel: 403-682-9498

 Mike & Vanessa Grimmeyer (GMR)

Box 82

Clyde, AB CANADA T0G 0P0

Tel: 780-348-5790

Fax: 780-348-5790  

 Charles L Iwan (IWN)

Diamond Over I Stock Farm

Box 4455

Taber, AB CANADA T1G 2C8

Tel: 403-223-0400


William G Jeffray (NRC)

13140 Twp Rd 274

Rocky View County, AB CANADA T4B 4W6

Tel: 403-948-5773


Jordan Livestock (JJJ)

Box 983

Rimbey, AB CANADA T0C 2J0

Tel: 403-843-3032


Warren & Norine Moore (NAW)

Box 203

Stavely, AB CANADA T0L 1Z0

Tel: 403-625-6119


Morinville Colony (JKX)

56422 Hwy 44

Sturgeon County, AB CANADA T8R 0H3

Tel: 780-939-2118


Glen & Kathleen Parker (COMM, RSY)

Parker Stock Farm

Box 338

Three Hills, AB CANADA T0M 2A0

Tel: 403-443-7220

Fax: 403-443-7221

Fax: 780-348-5790  


Rocky Roots Farm (DVW)

Box 2456

Fort MacLeod, AB CANADA T0L 0Z0

Tel: 403-553-2901

Fax: 403-553-2901


Walter L Strand (WDS)

RR 8 - 10 - 5

Lethbridge, AB CANADA T1J 4P4

Tel: 403-327-9306


Sierra Viola

Box 147

Grovedale, AB CANADA T0H 1X0

Tel: 204-796-0382

Tel: 204-796-0382


WD5 Suffolks (WDSV)

Box 3436

Vermilion, AB CANADA T9X 2B4

Tel: 780-853-7775

Fax: 780-853-5320


Wilson Colony (WILC)

Box 99

Coaldale, AB CANADA T1M 1M2

Tel: 403-327-9471


Winding Lane Farm (WLS)

RR 2 Stn Main

Lacombe, AB CANADA T4L 2N2

Tel: 403-347-0668

Fax: 403-309-4288